hair curve knife

This work represent respecting of one person and declaration of concentrate my personal way of expression.
I love Marcel Duchamp because I think he really well use his personally and secretly way of expression to his work, but far from his way of expression, many people like what he thought, how he thought. his power of influence was work until now, so strongly. I think the one of reason why his works are called master piece is he tried to put his personal concept and people can feel how he enjoyed when he invented way of showing the work,
so now i get many support to expression my own thinking and my personal things,
In this work, I put my respecting feeling to Duchamp by using his process of make art, the work is '3 Standard Stoppages'

It is "a joke about the meter," Duchamp glibly noted about this piece, but his premise for it reads like a theorem: "If a straight horizontal thread one meter long falls from a height of one meter onto a horizontal plane twisting as it pleases[it] creates a new image of the unit of length." Duchamp dropped three threads one meter long from the height of one meter onto three stretched canvases. The threads were then adhered to the canvases to preserve the random curves they assumed upon landing. The canvases were cut along the threads' profiles, creating a template of their curves creating new units of measure that retain the length of the meter but undermine its rational basis. < from Moma homepage >

This process is quite funny and creative, i can imagine when he make it, he throw thread in the studio floor by himself, it's quite funny, because this work is so nice and make me think he is genius, but this processed very silently and secretly,
for instance, if people saw one kid do like this on the small street, nomally people are not too much care about this action, i like this way.
i also throw my hair on the floor and i put this random curve line to knife,
but i didn't give any hint to people about it.
however i will try this kind of way of showing in future.


  1. This work is very nice!
    Is it your new work? I have never seen it!
    It´s very interesting, that you write about Duchamp and i can understand the connection of your work and duchamp´s work.


  2. thank you, also too late reply,
    but, no reaction in presentation, i was quite sad,
    maybe the reason it is quite personal work,