Youtube Karaoke/Nho-Re-Bang show

Youtube Karaoke(Ja.) or Youtube Nho-Re-bang(Ko.) is a form of interactive performance in which anyone who wants to sing and dance along with Youtube video using a microphone.
Normally one song takes about 4minutes. About 4minutes is even not a so long time,
anyone can spend this time for showing their ability of singing and dancing to an audience. also this time is not only for showing your singing and dancing to people but also you can express everything you want in your own way.

How to enjoy youtube karaoke/nhorebang: ;:-D
1. typing song's title on youtube.
2. singing and dancing along with youtube video.(show everything that you have inside!!)
3. (what the audience should to do : ) support the singer and dancer in stage.
for instance, dancing together or whistling to the singer and dancer.

17 August 2010 ,
18:00~(about)20:00 _ dinner time(Korean and Japanese food)
(about)20:00~ _Youtube Karaoke/Nho-Re-Bang show
In Raum D in MuseumsQuartier 21 in Wien, Austria
Organized by Haruko Maeda and Bomi Ahn

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