Mu Noh

'Mu Noh' is stop motion film. This is my collaboration animation work with Clemens Hollmann.:-)
We tried many experimental effects in this film by drawing, lights, fast of images and sound.
Imagine. How octopus move on the ground. It was our issue. Among the work we used 6 or 7 octopus friends. but the weather started to be warm and they started to stinct very much. Therefore It was torturing our nerve in the noses. But at the same time I also recognized how oktopus has such a interesting body format and super fastinated movement. They are super animal. 
worked in Feburary in 2011.

Mu Noh Screening

Trickfilmabend/NEXTCOMIC in Roter Krebs, Linz, Austria
22:00, 4th and 5th March 2011

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