Grim Store Atmosphere

Venus on the earth
297 x 420
black and white printed image and ink drawing on paper

 Cyborg lovers

Oil on canvas fabric
 Anatomy venus / Skate boarder (2 versions)

Silk screen on the canvas bag

photo by sseosseo at grim store, Shinrim, Seoul

web sitehttp://grim_store.blog.me/

412-396 Sillim-dong (249 Munseong-ro)

If you are in Seoul, Seouth Korea.
I recommend to visit Grim Sangjung at Shinrim, Seoul.

There has number of art works from many creative artists, illustrators and designers.

Quite hot issued place!


  1. I love the artwork posted and will probably go check the place out that you have suggested. Thanks for sharing friend. Peace.

  2. These pieces of artwork seem very striking and creative, thank you for the information I will be sure to visit Grim Sangjung at Shinrim, Seoul, whenever I go to Seoul, South Korea